YOUTH FILM ACADEMY with FOTONOW 10- Weeks Course 8-12 year olds

Super cool filmmaking course* designed just for adventurous creatives like your children!

Venue: Ocean Studios


Super cool filmmaking course* designed just for adventurous creatives like your children!

Ocean Studios have teamed up with the awesome social enterprise FOTONOW to bring you a super cool 10-week filmmaking course* designed just for adventurous creatives like your children!

From Saturday 10th February, every Saturday could be a cinematic adventure, where they’ll dive into the world of filmmaking, from planning and shooting to scriptwriting and editing. They’ll be learning the ropes from real media pros and get their hands on all the amazing gear needed to create your very own masterpiece, which then will be showcased in the final week!

Throughout the program, they’ll be boost their creative thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Plus, there will be loads of extra fun activities such as movie analysis, and discussions about awesome children’s films that will spark their inspiration! On the top of that, every Saturday for the entire ten weeks Ocean Studios Café team will welcome your kids with a cup of hot chocolate. It can’t get any better than this! 

And guess what? FOTONOW is a pro at this stuff. With 15 years of experience in media education, rest assured, their fantastic team will be there to guide your kiddos through the magic of filmmaking.

Workshop Schedule:

Week 1 (Saturday 10th February) INTRODUCTION TO FILMMAKING

– Welcome and icebreaker activity.

– Introduction to the world of filmmaking.

– Brief history of filmmaking.

– Basic equipment and tools (camera, tripod, microphone, etc.).

– Storytelling through film.

Week 2 (Saturday 17th February) – PRE PRODUCTION

– Understanding the importance of pre-production.

– Storyboarding and scriptwriting.

– Character development and casting.

– Location scouting.

– Assign groups for the upcoming project.

Week 3 (Saturday 24th February) – CAMERA AND SHOOTING SKILLS

– Introduction to camera operation.

– Basic camera settings (focus, exposure, white balance).

– Framing and composition.

– Different camera angles and movements.

– Practical exercises in shooting.

Week 4 (Saturday 2nd March) – LIGHT & SOUND

– Basics of lighting for film.

– Introduction to natural and artificial lighting.

– Sound recording and microphone types.

– Recording clean and clear audio.

– Practical exercises with lighting and sound.

Week 5 (Saturday 9th March) – EDITING & POST PRODUCTION

– Introduction to video editing software (e.g., iMovie / Adobe Premiere).

– Importing and organizing footage.

– Basic video editing techniques (cutting, transitions, text overlays).

– Adding music and sound effects.

– Exporting the final video.

Week 6 (Saturday 16th March) – VISUAL EFFECTS & ANIMATION

– Introduction to visual effects and animation.

– Green screen techniques.

– Creating simple visual effects.

– Introduction to stop-motion animation.

– Practical exercises in creating visual effects.

Week 7 (Saturday 23rd March) – DIRECTING & FILMING

– Final run through scripts

– Assign roles (director, camera operator, actors, etc.).

– Begin filming group projects.

– Production


– Continue filming group project.

– Provide guidance and feedback.

– Address any challenges or questions.

– Capture additional footage if needed.

Week 9 (Saturday 13th April) – EDITING

– Importing footage into the editing software.

– Continue editing group projects.

– Add music, sound effects, and any visual effects.

– Finalize and review the edited projects.

– Discuss and provide constructive feedback.

Week 10 (Saturday 20th April)- SCREENING & AWARD CERTIFICATES

– Screen the completed projects to the class.

– Discuss the filmmaking process and the lessons learned.

– Awards ceremony for different categories (e.g., best acting, best editing, most creative).

– Share the final films with parents or a larger audience if possible.

Workshop dates and timings:

Week 1 (Saturday, 10th February 2024) 10am – 1.00pm

Week 2 (Saturday, 17th February 2024) 10am – 1.00pm

Week 3 (Saturday, 24th February 2024) 10am – 1.00pm

Week 4 (Saturday, 2nd March 2024) 10am – 1.00pm

Week 5 (Saturday, 9th March 2024) 10am – 1.00pm

Week 6 (Saturday, 16th March 2024) 10am – 1.00pm

Week 7 (Saturday, 23rd March 2024) 10am – 1.00pm

Week 8 (Saturday, 6th April 2024) 10am – 1.00pm

Week 9 (Saturday, 13th April 2024) 10am – 1.00pm

Week 10 (Saturday, 20th April 2024) 10am – 1.00pm

Workshop tickets:

£350 per person for 10 week course (all materials and hot chocolate included)

*Course will only run with minimum of 10 attendees

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to unleash your child’s inner Spielberg!

Let the film adventure begin!

Book early as this course is likely to sell out quickly!