Introduction to Unity Training Course

Get ready for an intensive journey into the world of game development with our "Introduction to Unity" 5-week course.

Venue: Market Hall


Get ready for an intensive journey into the world of game development with our “Introduction to Unity” 5-week course.

Accelerate Your Game Development Journey in Just 5 Weeks!

Join our intensive “Introduction to Unity’ course and step into the world of game development. This condensed program has 2 sessions per week over 5 weeks, covering all of the basics you need to create your own Unity-powered games.

Session 1: Monday 6th November: Unity Essentials

In the first session, you’ll dive into the Unity interface, project setup, and asset management. You’ll learn to create game objects, add components, and understand parameters that influence behaviour. Get hands-on with Unity installation and start importing various asset types.

Session 2: Tuesday 7th November: Scripting & Player Control

Session 2 is all about introducing C# scripting in Unity. You’ll explore variables, data types, operators, and scripting best practices. Dive into player movement, physics, and create your own character controller for your games.

Session 3: Monday 13th November: Dynamic Environments

Learn the art of environmental design in game development. Utilize 3D assets, apply level design concepts, and organize assets efficiently. Discover Unity’s Terrain system for landscape creation and enhance your game environment with lighting and post-processing effects.

Session 4: Tuesday 14th November: 2D Game Development

Venture into 2D game development with sessions covering how to create a character, intro to working with sprite and sprite sheets, and tile-based level design.

Session 5: Monday 20th November: Packages & UI Magic

Explore Unity packages for advanced game development. Dive into UI design, creating menus, buttons, and text elements.

Session 6: Tuesday 21st November: Audio & Sound Effects

Learn to import and manage audio assets, implement background music, and fine-tune audio settings for an immersive gaming experience.

Session 7: Monday 27th November: Advanced Scripting

Dive deep into scripting with reviews, object-oriented programming, script optimization, and interactive exercises.

Session 8: Tuesday 28th November: Gameplay & Mechanics

Delve into game design principles, including: scoring systems, power-ups, advanced interactions and multiplayer concepts.

Session 9: Monday 4th December: Optimisation & Performance

Explore performance optimisation, efficient game development practices, bug testing, and improve your own game design.

Session 10: Tuesday 5th December: Optimisation & Performance

In our last session, you’ll learn the basics of how to prepare, package, and distribute your game across multiple platforms, along with insights into monetisation options and marketing strategies. Plus, see the work your cohort have been producing!