Intermediate Screen Printing Course with Dave Holt

Follow up course for people who have good basic skills and an understanding of screen printing.

Venue: Real Art Make Print at Ocean Studios


Follow up course for people who have good basic skills and an understanding of

screen printing.

Five week (two hours per session) course designed to follow on the Introduction to 

Screen Printing Course by Dave Holt, for people who have good basic skills and an understanding of screen printing.

To get the most out of this class you should already be able to set up, expose, make a screen and print, and have basic experience of printing onto garments or paper. 

Course Overview 

This course will cover in depth setting up artwork ready for screen printing using Photoshop. It will teach basic Photoshop skills so that participants will be able to design a print-ready format, take a piece of artwork and separate into its component colours for print. We will also cover how to convert artwork to ready to print using the CMYK process, what enables us to print photo realistic prints using just four screens and four ink colours. 

Session One 

Introduction to the course and its objectives. Attendees will look at examples of multi-coloured printing and CMYK printing. Participants will be invited to work towards printing a personal project, this may be a multi coloured print, or CMYK print onto garments or fabric. In the first session we will do some basic screen making and printing to assess each persons competency level and discuss the viability of any project ideas they may have. Participants will work in pairs to coat up and expose a screen each and then set up a two colour print together. 

Session Two 

Class will be split into two groups. Group one will be working with Dave on artwork separations using Photoshop. You will work from your selected images working through the process of separating the colours for print. This will also cover CMYK separations. 

Group Two will work in pairs and set up a CMYK print, making screens and setting up and 

performing test prints.

Session Three 

Reversal of session two. 

Session Four 

Participants print out, coat screens and expose and make screens for their final project. Dave

will also hold a Q&A surgery for any issues that people would like covered in more detail. 

Session Five 

Participants to set up and print for their final project piece either using CMYK or multi 

coloured spot colour printing. This may be a small run of t-shirts or tote bags or fabric.