Half Term Children's Creative Writing Workshop 7-11yrs

Join writer in residence, Peter McAllister for a children's creative writing workshop and explore the magic of language and writing. 7-11yrs

Venue: Liskeard Library


Join writer in residence, Peter McAllister for a children’s creative writing workshop and explore the magic of language and writing. 7-11yrs

About this event:

Creative writing allows children to explore their imagination, develop language skills, and express their personalities.

Peter McAllister, Liskeard Library’s Writer in Residence, will lead this fun, introductory session for kids aged 7-11 years. Attendees will be encouraged to tap into the magic of language, exploring some of the many things words can do. They’ll learn about writing exercises and games they can use themselves in the future.

During the workshop, your child will take their first steps in creative writing. Inspired by a variety of resources – including sounds, visual aids and stories – the aim is to boost confidence in their writing and inspire them to enjoy all aspects of English – both writing (in all its forms) and reading.

Whether your child struggles with writing or is a confident wordsmith, this is a workshop for them. Children of all abilities are welcome.

A parent or guardian must be present during the workshop.

Workshop aims:

  • Improve your child’s literacy skills (oral and written)
  • Boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence
  • Foster a passion for reading/encourage children to read
  • Promote a love of writing.

About Your Tutor:

Peter McAllister worked for many years in London PR and Advertising agencies as a creative/copywriter. He went on to run a successful art dealership for nearly a decade, coaching artists through their careers and practice in his capacity as Creative Director. Returning to education later in life, he studied English Literature at The University of Cambridge and was awarded a Distinction for his MA in Creative Writing at The University of Hull.

Peter’s writing blurs the boundary between the novel and short story collection; it builds layers of characterisation through linked stories that result in profound moments of self-realisation and/or dramatic action. His short stories and poems have appeared online, in print journals, and in numerous anthologies. His debut book, The Paisley Connection, is slated for publication in 2024. Most recently, he was shortlisted in the Hammond House International Literary Prize and the Ironclad Creative Awards. Peter is also a committee member for the Penzance Literary Festival and the Inaugural Writer in Residence at Liskeard Library.