Creative Connections: Mindfulness Art Sessions with Kathy Wray

A creative nurturing investment in your art with a wellbeing approach

Venue: Real Art Make Print at Ocean Studios


A creative nurturing investment in your art with a wellbeing approach

A creative nurturing investment in your art with a wellbeing approach workshop at RAMP (Real Art Make Print). Through drawing, painting, colour, mark-making, writing, note taking – these sessions are structured with various creative activities each week as well as a guidance from artists and illustartor Kathy Wray, with a different focus every session.

Some sessions will incorporate some brief and gentle meditation and basic movement Qigong exercises, listening to music and sounds as well as writing and note taking. To making your own personal discoveries and developments in personal and expressive ideas.

Please bring ideas, sketchbooks, drawings, personal themes, images, books, or objects etc. as reference material for discussion.

Workshop shcedule:

Session one (Tuesday, 20th February, 6pm – 8pm)

Immersive creative freedom and fun in pushing boundaries to make discoveries for further development in a supportive environment. Working with a combination and layering of art materials, drawing, painting, print and collage.

Session two (Tuesday, 27th February, 6pm – 8pm)

Exploring your discoveries into a further form. Looking at scale, composition, light and tone, as well as colour. A live model available as part of the session.

Session three (Tuesday, 5th March, 6pm – 8pm)

Outside walk and drawing (optional and weather permitting). Connecting and engaging to nature and your environment and approaches. Poetry and word. Introduction to print making.

Session four (Tuesday, 12th March, 6pm – 8pm)

Option to work with clay as well as printing – exploring from discoveries made from past sessions with tutored guidance.

Session five (Tuesday, 19th March, 6pm – 8pm)

Developing upon your own preferences in approaches with all material options available. Possibly working on responses to some live music for this session. Support and guidance upon personal aims, materials, preparation and structure.

Session six (Tuesday, 26th March, 6pm – 8pm)

Working and developing on your personal resolutions with support and guidance with awareness and understanding into continuing in your own time beyond the course.

Terms & Conditions:

Price: £110 (plus fees) per person for six sessions.

Materials: All materials will be provided but you are encouraged to bring materials and objects that hold a special mneaning to you.

Attendance: Workshop will only run with minimum of six attensdees. If workshop is cancelled by RAMP your ticket costs will be refunded.

Age: course is design for 14 plus, with the condition that underage attendees can only attend if parents/ guardians also buy a ticket.