State of Us 2022

National conference on community power and economic democracy

What we did

The second The State of Us conference convened at the Market Hall in Devonport, Plymouth in November 2022, for a full day of talks, workshops and evening social.  

The conference State of Us 2 theme was based on Ownership, Organising & Opportunity, and how through these approaches can build powerful communities and economic democracy, in the face of national and international crises.  

The event was produced by Real Ideas and the New Economic Foundation and funded by Power to Change as part of Plymouth’s Empowering Places Programme. 


The day was sold out with 120 delegates, working in social, environmental, racial, and economic justice, and community power across the UK. Attendees came from local enterprise, community organising, activism, the third sector, and local government.  

The diverse set of speakers and facilitators brought fresh ideas and perspectives, resulting in action orientated, engaging discussion, where new relationships were forged, developing, and broadening the community and connections. It was a high energy day, with a keen sense of excitement throughout, capturing people’s imagination. Participants unanimously described the event as excellent. 

Event partners